Celeste de Moriae

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Celeste de Moriae

With 15 years, the start with own band on the stage.
Chanted in various tape and studio work. Own composed songs. Also songs of rock to blues and swing accompany them still on her way.

In parallel in addition with the first photo Shootings started. Meanwhile with many and different photographers in various projects and orders worked.

With 19 then she included the dance with in the repertoire. Much experience / appearances as a Showact to be caught in a crossfire to occasions.

Always love the Bulesque way, and so she started to go this way.
She perform Classic Burlesque, Neo Burlesque and singing acts.
Elegant serious mystic, but the elegant sexy mix with a portion comedy are parts of her repertoire.
For new motto shows, she's very fast to create a new act.

When she sits in her car, turn the radio on, she get quite new ideas, for shows, costumes and scenery flown.

Move to the music, to let free run the voice, do the shows with a lot of face expression. Born to amuse, please and to be happy.

Celeste de Moriae

The meaning of the name Celeste de Moriae
Celeste - celestial
Moriae - goddess of fortune